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The Colossal Book of Mathematics

Martin Gardner

Published: 2004-01-20
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Pages: 736 (Hardcover)

New from: £20.45
Used from: £11.39

HardCover Pub Date: 2004 Pages: 736 in Publisher: WW Norton & Co. Whether to discussing hexaflexagons or number theory Klein. bottles or the essence of nothing. Martin Gardner has single-handedly created the field of recreational withmathematics of The Colossal Book of Mathematics collects together Gardner's most popular pieces from his legendary Mathematical Games column. which ran in Scientific American for twenty-five years. Gardner's array of absorbing puzzles and mind-twisting paradoxes opens mathematics up to the world at large. inspiring people to see past numbers and formulas and experience the application of mathematical principles to the mysterious world around them. With articles on topics ranging from simple algea to the twisting surfaces of Mobius strips. from an endless game of Bulgarian solitaire to the unreachable dream of time travel. this volume comprises a...
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