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Chinese in Steps Student Book Vol. 1 (Chinese Express)

George X Zhang

Published: 2011-10-01
Publisher: Sinolingua London Ltd
Sinolingua London Ltd
Pages: 148 (Paperback)

New from: £12.00
Used from: £8.99

Chinese in Steps is a series of textbooks designed for English-speaking adults who learn Chinese either as part of their degree study at university, or simply as part of their professional or self-development programme for practical purposes. While aiming to deliver an effective result and an enriching Chinese language learning experience, it has also taken into consideration the needs of those who seek externally validated qualifications. Chinese in Steps differs from many other textbooks in its approach to language teaching, and in its conscious effort to make use of adult learners' own experiences in learning Chinese. Its approach is based upon how English-speaking adults learn Chinese and aims to deliver language instruction through a method that integrates a communicative teaching approach, contrastive analyses and cultural awareness. We are very happy to be able to present this brand new edition of Chinese in Steps with Sinolingua London. This is the first new edition of the series since its initial publication in 2005 with Cypress Book. We are also most delighted that with the dedication and support from our users, this series was a recent recipient of the Award for Outstanding International Chinese Language Teaching Materials at the Fifth Confucius Institute Conference in December 2010.
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