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The fascinating story so far!

History in the making launched in January 2009 and we are still tweaking the website, making it better and adding features.

Student Books of course revolves around you guessed it, student books, but we have some cool features to help your search and even show you books that you may never have heard about. Plus we're not all about textbooks. As time goes on our plan is to start to show more featured books and recommendations which are more fun reading than academic.

Most books listed are provided with the new and used prices that we can find, also showing their front cover, author, publisher, number of pages, description, reviews and similar books. If you haven't already, why not do a few searches either using the box in the top right corner of the screen, or by using the advanced book search on the right.

Going back to the search features we have, you can search the usual ways (by keywords, book title, author or ISBN number), but we also have a growing database of universities, courses and reading lists. If you select book search on the right you'll be presented with the usual search boxes along with a reading list search. You just select your university, subject and course and you'll be presented with a list of books along with the cheapest new and used prices we can find for them.

I bet you're thinking "WOW!"

Of course compiling all of this information takes time and resources, so occasionally the odd book ends up out of place, or some universities may not have a reading list uploaded, but we're getting there. If you'd like to be involved in helping to compile reading lists or even help us out with the reading lists for subjects at your college then contact us at

Your help is much appreciated and we will also reward you with a commission for books sold off the reading list you provide!

If you have any questions about the site or our forums also get in touch through the email address above.

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