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Grab hold of your pants...

What the heck is it?

Maybe you have a book or student related website. Maybe you don't. What you will need is a website. That's the hard part.

The easy part is copying and pasting either the html or php code below into your website to offer your visitors a book search feature. You can see a working widget below and in different colours at the bottom of the page:

Why should I bother?

Many reasons:

  • It's a great feature that your website visitors will use and appreciate
  • It's a small and sexy little search box which comes in 4 flavours
  • Only takes a copy and paste to install it on your website
  • Put the small search box anywhere on your site and take it off whenever you want
  • Configurable for 6 different countries (UK, US, Canada, Japan, France and Germany)
  • It's completely free
  • It can make you money

That's right, you can earn affiliate income.

You just need add an Amazon Associates ID to one place in the code below and you could be making over 5% of any book sales that go through the site.

When one of your website users searches for a book (by ISBN, keywords, book title or author), they are taken to a search results page. If the user clicks "buy" under an item on this page, you are credited with the full commission through Amazon's Associate program. If the user clicks to make a purchase in another part of the website then we are credited with any commission.

That's not only it! If a user clicks on "buy" with your affiliate code embedded, and then adds more products to their amazon shopping cart, then you will earn commission on all purchases.

That's it in a nutshell. If you don't have an Amazon Associates ID, visit the correct countries Amazon site and click the Associates link at the bottom of the page to sign up for free. If you have any questions about this or anything else, contact us. Otherwise please copy and paste either the html or the php code into your website to start offering your users a great feature and earning affiliate income at the same time.

The four colours

Search Student Books Widget

The PHP code

Just copy and paste the code in the box below inside one of your .php website pages. You may need to remove the <?php and ?> brackets if you are pasting the code inside a block of php code. You can also change the first 3 variables as commented in the code.

The HTML code

Just copy and paste the code in the box below inside one of your website pages. You can edit the colour scheme and add your affiliate id within the html code below.

The iFrame code

Just copy and paste the code in the box below inside one of your website pages.
(In this code you cannot edit the colour scheme or add your affiliate id to earn commission. Please use either the PHP or the HTML code above if you want to make colour changes or add your affiliate code)

Good luck and contact us if you need help or have any questions.

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