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It is important to us that you enjoy visiting the site and we hope to keep improving it and adding new features. It is especially important that you respect each other in the forums and respect our website and servers by not spamming, posting any kind of commercial messages or doing anything else that may be deemed destructive to the site.

Such destructive things include (but are not limited to) those things mentioned above as well as more sinister acts such as database or copyright infringement, reverse engineering and hacking. We log IP addresses and monitor strange site activity.

One other thing that we'd like to get out in the open is that one of our latest features is the ability to select your:

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through a search form.

After submitting the form you are presented with a list of books that we have listed in our database for your degree course. Although we (and our associates) do try and take care when compiling this information we'd like to make clear that you should also check your reading list given by your institution. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our information and the 'reading list search' is provided as an aid to finding books for your course rather than a replacement or substitute method.

As we collect reading list information and then query Amazon to bring you the most up-to-date and lowest new and used prices, there is also the small possibility of error in displaying the search results.

On making a purchase (clicking the "BUY IT!" button) you will be directed to the product page on the Amazon website. Please make sure to read the full description on this site before entering your payment details.

This is pretty much the same system for searching and ordering books as ordering other types of products through us (eg. DVDs, electronics, computer games etc.).

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